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Hybrid seed production of sunflower and sorghum in off season.

We are a company dedicated to the production of hybrid seeds (off season).

Gaiman is lead by Mr. Oscar Enrico and Daniel Williams both with extensive experience (Since1985) in Hybrid Seed Industry. Acquired by its steps in the areas of Research and Production Parental Seeds of multinationals such as Syngenta and Advanta.


We currently produce hybrid seeds for Argentina, USA, Europe and Asia, through 17 local and multinational companies.
Our staff has over 20 years experience, with training in multinational companies. Working in areas of parental seed and production.

The production department has 3 agriculturist and 3 field assistants.

Our Zones of production assure us good and stable levels of production and the maximum quality of seed.
The Lots of Production are sowed in zones of discharge Heliofania, low relative dampness and with irrigation. Ej.: the Low Valley of the Rio Colorado (Pedro Luro, Pcia. Bs. As.) and San Luis (pivot); also we produce in the Humid Pampas (Pcia Bs. As.)

These are some of the companies who joined us in our crecimimiento: Limagrain Europe, Syngenta, Nuseed, Semameris, KWS, Sursem, Pioneer, Seeds 2000, Barenbrug, Advanta, Don Mario, Produsem, Buck, ARGENSUN, Don Atilio, Quality Crops, Seed Agroempresa, Helianthus, Albert, Biosol, AdSur, Ayerza and Others.


Ruta 8, Km 363, Parque Industrial "La Victoria".
Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Our sorting plant is located in Venado Tuerto Industrial Park, La Victoria, which counts with other services like Primary Customs Zone.
Classification and Calibration Plant was designed with machinery of last technology, recognized for work with high standards of quality and high capacity for work. It was designed to be versatile in processes so they can satisfy the different requirements of our customers.

The conditioning of the seed begins in a machine of pneumatic pre-cleaning. If the seed are received droughts it is stored in silos or big-bags, if they are received humid there are dry off in a Tumble dryer Cedar 5-12 , type mixed of trestle with gas burners specially designed for treatment of seeds with system modulante of control of flame and individual monitoring of temperature for each burner. This machinates they are two in one, allowing to dry lots of diverse sizes with a minimal quantity of 20 TN. His capacity of dried is of up to 44 TN per hour according to the need.

A second pre-cleaning is done by a Classification of flat screens with dual air. It then passes through a tire coach (Duo-aspirator type) and a separator discs these machines complete the removal of impurities, and stripping empty seeds.

The calibration of the seeds (thickness, diameter and length) is made by Carter Day Cylinders and Machinery Alveolar (Triels). The number of gauges and dimensions of the seeds that are composed, is made according to customer order.

Once finished he calibration process, each size passes through a densimetric table making a final phase in this case the specific weight of non-standard seeds. If required, the seed can be treated with dye, Insecticide, Fungicide seed and agrochemicals, the same is done with a rotary drum equipment and dosing by weight and sprayed by compressed air.

The versatility of the plant allows us to finish the process of classification in the stage that the client requires, for example pre-dried material and clean in Big-bags, seed bags big-calibrated with or without treatment or in bags ready for marketing.

*- Match Capacity: 180,000 bags / year

*- Reception: Pre Cleaning 20 tons / hour
Drying 40 tons / hour

Tower *- Rating:
Corn: 8 sizes 1650 bags / Day.
Sunflower: 4 sizes 1500 bags / Day.
Sorghum: 2 sizes 2200 bags / Day.

To contact us:

Ing. Oscar Enrico
Semillas Hibridas Gaiman SRL

Tel; 0054 9 3462 576 260